Communiqué of the UCI Commissaires’ Panel n° 5 - Start time change for Stage 3


Communiqué of the UCI Commissaires’ Panel n° 4 - Course change for Stage 3


Communiqué of the UCI Commissaires’ Panel n° 3 - Course and format change for Stage 2 and revised start time


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Nome do evento: Pretorian Bike Race

Classe: Elite Masculino e Feminino Formato: XCS Categoria: S2

Local: Vila Pouca de Aguiar Data: 16 de março de 2018 Hora: 19: 00

Assunto: Mudança de curso da Etapa 2 e hora de partida alterada.

Em resposta à situação meteorológica vivida durante a Etapa 1 e à previsão incerta para a Etapa 2, as seguintes mudanças foram feitas no horário de amanhã: início do evento atrasado, com as boxes a abrirem às 9:00 e a a corrida a ter nova hora de início às 9: 30.

Além disso, foram feitas mudanças que reduzem o percurso em 18 km.
Esta mudança significa que o ZT / TZ 1 não será usada e, dessa forma, a primeiro ZT / TZ será na ZT 2.

O Presidente do Colégio de Comissários:
Nome: Walls Nome: Adrian

Communiqué of the UCI Commissaires’ Panel n° : 2

Name of the event : Pretorian Bike Race

Class : Men & Women’s Elite Format : XCS Category : S2

Venue : Vila Pouca de Aguira Date : 16 March 2018 Time : 19 : 00

Subject : Course change for Stage 2 and delayed start time In response to the situation with the weather for stage 1 and the uncertain forecast for stage 2 the following changes have been made to tomorrows schedule : Event start delayed so pens will open at 9 :00 am and the new start time will be 9 :30.

In addition changes have been made that shortern the course at one point reducing the total distance by 18km this change means that ZT / TZ 1 is no longer in use the first ZT/TZ will be at 2.

The President of the Commissaires’ Panel :
Name :Walls First name : Adrian


Communiqué of the UCI Commissaires’ Panel n° : 1


PRETORIAN RACE will be part
of the world btt calendar


Throughout 3 stages, it will be about 150 km of rails that competitors will have to face, all crossing the inside the county of VIla Pouca de Aguiar, the first edition of PRETORIAN RACE, is a 3-day race of the S2 UCI, making it part of the calendar of the entity that governs cycling worldwide.

The event will run from March 16 to 18, 2018 and will be the perfect cenario for the fight between renowned national and international riders, especially in the male and female elite, who will compete for the Olympic points and the monetary prize that the Race offers .

With this Race, the Municipality aims, according to the Mayor, Alberto Machado "the promotion of tourism in the region, local socio-economic dynamism and strong sports development.". The mayor also points out that "a municipality like ours has to promote international events that reveal all our potentialities, both in terms of our heritage and our nature, as well as in the quality of our hotel services, gastronomy and points of interest. thus boosting the tourist impact that will increasingly be fundamental to our well being and to our economy. "

The event is organized by the Mozinho Racing Team, a club with extensive experience in coordinating btt and triathlon events at national and international level, in partnership with Pedras Bikers Team, a local club based in Pedras Salgadas and also counting on the partnership of the Municipality of Vila Pouca de Aguiar, the UCI and the Portuguese Cycling Federation.

According to Joaquim Amândio Santos, president of Mozinho Racing Team, the choice of Vila Pouca de Aguiar is due to the "irresistible marriage between the strategic geographical situation of Vila Pouca de Aguiar and the set of landscapes, rails, monuments and historical vestiges, to which together with the hotel capacity and the strong implementation of the modality in the county, being already great tradition of organization of evidence and having already clubs that practice the modality with sucess.”

For the organizer, "PRETORIAN RACE has everything, within a maximum of 3 years, to be one of the best 3 days events of the UCI calendar, thus bringing to the county and Trás-os-Montes an mountain bike event of the highest level ".